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Saturday, August, 30
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Barnex, Senior Game Masters 3 hours ago
Redemption! Bring out your map and compass because it's time to get lost in the maze at 11:35 ST!
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 12 hours ago
Eternal! Drink up your luck potion as Savory Deviate Roulette is about to begin at 02:20 ST!
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 15 hours ago
Remorse! Prepare yourself to face Wrath of The Lich King on Shattrath City at 00:10 ST!!
Barnex, Senior Game Masters 19 hours ago
Redemption! Illidan is planning an invasion of Azeroth! Meet him at Dark Portal and put an end to his evil plan at 20:25 st
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 20 hours ago
Eternal! Its time to see which faction is better Horde or Alliance? Group PvP Starts at 19:00 ST!
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