Sat, April, 30
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  • Befriendx, Super Game Master 4 hours ago
    Remorse! Get ready for 1v1 event! There can only be one winner! Who will it be?! Show your skills @ 21:55 ST
  • Chryonix, Super Game Master 9 hours ago
    Redemption! Mr and Mrs Snowman have been resurrected! Help me defeat them at 17:15 ST!
  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 22 hours ago
    Eternal! Prepare yourself, Dark Illidan returns and wants to destroy everything! Defeat him @04:45 ST.
  • arslanx, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Remorse! Come and drive back the army of Thaddius and restore peace again on this lands! Join our Argent Crusade team at 16:10 server time!
  • Befriendx, Super Game Master 2 days ago
    Redemptionl! Are you ready to take out your compass and map? Get ready for the hide and seek event @ 00:45 ST!
  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 2 days ago
    Eternal! Come fight the neverending war! Prove yourself worthy and join your faction! Alliance vs Horde at 14:55 ST.
  • Wind_walker, Senior Helper 2 days ago
    Congratulations to the winners of the Sudoku event on the forums!
  • eventgm1, Event Staff 2 days ago
    Remorse, it's time to find out what you're worth. 2v2 event begins at 10:25 server time.
  • Wind_walker, Senior Helper 3 days ago
    The new Sudoku event is up on the forums! Solve it and earn epic rewards!
  • Andrewortola, Super Forum Mod 3 days ago
    The Paparazzi Forum Event voting ends in less 12Hours Check it and vote for the best.
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