Sun, November 29
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  • Shadowcake21, Super Game Master 6 hours ago
    Are you the luckiest guy on Remorse? Prove it in the Russian Roll-ette event at 17:25 ST, where Luck and PvP mixes up!
  • DeadlyDuel, Super Game Master 13 hours ago
    Redemption! The Lich King has taken his spot on the throne of Icecrown lands, fight to defeat him @ 10:25 ST!
  • Wind_walker, Senior Helper 14 hours ago
    Are you a helpful individual? Join the Eternal WoW Helpers and get rewarded for your good deeds!
  • eventgm1, Super Game Master 22 hours ago
    Eternal! A lost Thor has crash landed in Hyjal and is causing havoc. Destroy it before time runs out! Event will begin at 00:30 ST.
  • eventgm1, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Remorse! Sharpen your weapons and prepare for battle, the 1v1 event will start at 13:25 ST

33 Remorse PTR

Prepare yourselves,the end of the season draws near!


I am most pleased to report that a new season will be beginning soon! This is the one week notice that, on Sunday, November 22nd, the current arena season will be concluding all current teams and arena points will be cleared. During this time, staff will be vigorously checking all realms and teams for win trading and MMR dropping; if your team is deleted, that is the reason please do not make a topic about it.

On Remorse, the rewards will be automatically distributed in a system based on every active arena team. The system consists of the following criteria:
The rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% of all teams will receive the Gladiator title and achievement.
Top 2-3% of all teams will receive the Duelist title and achievement.
Top 4-10% of all teams will receive the Rival title and achievement.
Top 11-30% of all teams receive the Challenger title and achievement.

However, as the other realms' rewards have to be manually distributed, the system continues to be based on the top arena team. The rewards are as follows:
Rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% will receive the Gladiator title & achievement.
Top 2-3% receive the Duelist title & achievement.
Top 4-10% receive the Rival Title & achievement.
Top 11-30% receive the Challenger title & achievement.

Best of luck to everyone fight diligently this week to claim your rewards!

Eternal-WoW Administration
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