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Realm Status

online players586

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801464487087 189


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1463272396 56


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1464492993 301


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1463492969 30


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1463848826 10

  • Epitaphious, Super Forum Mod 1 hour ago
    Last day for the STOW forum event, dont miss the chance to win HUGE VIPoints.
  • arslanx, Super Game Master 2 hours ago
    Redemption! Winter is coming! Come fight Mr. and Mrs. Snowman! Bring your fuzzy gloves and hot drinks with you at 14:35 ST!!!
  • Bjergsen, Super Forum Mod 8 hours ago
    Congratulations to the winners of the Word Search #39. Thank you for participating
  • Bjergsen, Super Forum Mod 16 hours ago
    New Word Search event #39. Help me to solve this and win VIP Points
  • Litemode, Administrative Assistant 1 day ago
    Eternal! We need to know which reward should we use for Gurubashi Arena, Let us know now!

Eternal-WoW VIP Gifting Program

Now, it's that much easier to gift your friends some VIP Points!


    Ever have the urge to donate for a friend? Then comes the Donation Team giving you trouble because there are multiple donors on the account? We know we've been difficult and as a result, we want to make the process of gifting VIP Points available and simple for you.

    As exciting as this may be, everyone needs to be aware that this program will have strict rules in place and no exceptions will be given if these rules are not met. For players wishing to gift points, we ask that you are 100% sure that you wish to gift the person these points as we will not allow a reversal of the gift once the points have been sent to the other player.

    There are several steps that will be involved when requesting to gift some of your VIP points to another player. Once you have submitted your request in the Custom VIP section on the forum, either a Donation Admin or Donation Admin Assistant will verify that each of the following rules have been met, if they have not they will reply asking for some more details if you qualify or denying the request if you do not.

    • Both parties must submit ID to their account to verify they are the owners of the account.
    • If multiple donors are on the account then points may not be transferred.
    • If the player that is gifting points initiates a chargeback, the account that initiated the chargeback will be banned until the issue is resolved.
    • Minimum gift amount is 1500 VIP Points.
    • There will be a 5% fee for gift amounts between 1500 and 2999 VIP Points. Amounts that are 3000 VIP Points or more will have the fee waived.
    • If accounts cannot be verified from both sides the gift will be denied.
    • The final decision to approve/deny these gift requests lies with the Donation Team.
    • Once completed, the request is irreversible. Be sure that you want to gift your VIP Points.
    • Gifting accounts must be at least 30 days old before a gift request will be approved.

    For further information, please consult F.A.Q. VIP Gifting and F.A.Q. VIP Issues

    The appropriate forum to make such requests is in: VIP Gifting Requests

[Staff Recruitment]
Do you wish to be a part of the revolution? We are looking for you!

Classified Testing Division(CTD)

The CTD Team is divided into two branches (CTD) and (PvP CTD). PvP CTD falls under the CTD department, Only experienced PvP players who have a good understanding of the game mechanism should join the PvP CTD group.

CTD Job is to:
  • Testing the bug reports from community members and staff
  • Testing the fixes from our Dev Team
  • Find any in-game exploits and bugs
  • Making suggestion for new events
  • Testing new events (Before they get released)
  • Testing any new contents (Before they get released)
  • Works with the Donation Team to give suggestions for the Item Store

PvP CTD Job is to:
  • Works ONLY on anything related to PvP.
  • Making decisions along with the DEV Team Regarding Balancing of everything.
  • Testing the bug reports from community members and staff
  • Testing the fixes from our Dev Team
  • Find any issues with classes
  • Provide ideas for PvP Tournaments
  • Test any new PvP features
  • Works with the Donation Team to give suggestions for the Item Store

Our job is very important, because:
  • No fixes will be released, if it hasn't been tested by us
  • We take care of all the bugs on the realms
  • We are helping the Devs to point out high priority bugs
  • We are actively involved in the develop process
  • We make sure that we get our realms continuous updates and new features
  • We are your voice on the staff

How to join CTD Team?

To apply for the CTD Position all you need is to fill the Application
If you want to be in the PvP CTD group you will have to send a private message first to Litemode then he will guide you.

Developers Recruitment

Core Dev:
  • Must be proficient in C++ and Trinity API (will be tested)
  • Must have experience in using Git or Github
  • A portfolio of previous work either for the Trinity API or other C++ programs is a huge plus
  • Paid job available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants

Marketing Guru:
  • Social and Black/White Hat Marketing. You should understand most of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, backlinking, Google index rank tweaking, viral marketing, etc.
  • You will be hired if you know how to market to the right target audience
  • Paid job available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants
  • Find Lolester on our Teamspeak server to apply for this position ( or just send a forum PM.

Web Dev:
  • PHP, MySQL, Jquery, JSON, Smarty, JavaScript, OO Programming experience required
  • Paid job available for highly experienced, active, and skilled applicants

SQL Dev:
  • TDB experience is a plus, but not required, we are willing to train people from scratch if we believe you will put the effort in and not waste our time. Your queries must be clean, efficient, for the most part, unless your query multiplys a value or something to a similar effect they must be able to re-run an infinite number of times without fail or duplication

  • Please have your portfolio (screenshots, video, etc.) prepared to show. The most important factor here is your ability to make art out of wow game objects, NPC's, items, and quests.

To apply to any of the DEV positions all you need is to fill the Staff Application

Best Regards,
Eternal-WoW Management Team
2 Staff R…
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